The Future of Vacation Rental Pricing

If I have learned anything over the past 15 years in the vacation rental industry, it is that change is a constant. This might not be as evident from the consumer (guest) side as it is from the owner/manager side, however, it is the changing market dynamics and guest expectations that are really driving this … Continue reading The Future of Vacation Rental Pricing

Cancellations, How Do They Work?

As we all know, sometimes life happens and our plans don’t pan out quite the way we were hoping or expecting them to.  This often happens in the vacation rental business – jobs are lost, accidents happen, blizzards come through that keep kids out of school for weeks in the winter that they’ve got to … Continue reading Cancellations, How Do They Work?

Coming Soon, New Owner Portal Dashboard!

While Topsail Realty has spent a lot of time improving a streamlined website, tools for our guests, and ease of completion of documentation and payment, in addition to those important items, we are always hard at work with the development of distinctive ideas and methodologies for providing additional and advantageous options to our Topsail Island … Continue reading Coming Soon, New Owner Portal Dashboard!

TRV Storm Season Action Plans – What to Know

Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1st and is ongoing until November 30th.  We would like to remind our owners that we recommend using the National Hurricane Center’s website for storm preparation information and for up to date bulletins.  Please take the time now to become familiar with; the Pender County emergency … Continue reading TRV Storm Season Action Plans – What to Know

Linens and Towels, A New Frontier!

The Property Services department is excited to announce some new changes that are occurring this summer. We have recently expanded our warehouse/housekeeping facilities to include a commercial laundry! Here, our housekeepers will be able to take care of all the sheets and towels in-house. In previous years, the linens were out-sourced to another company. The … Continue reading Linens and Towels, A New Frontier!

Storms and Rental Income – What Happens?

With hurricane season officially underway, I thought it best to expand on what was mentioned previously in the newsletter, and remind owners of the policies of Topsail Realty regarding cancellations, closures, and evacuations in the event of a major storm. In the event of an impending storm, there are three possibilities of what can happen … Continue reading Storms and Rental Income – What Happens?

Making Your Home Shine!

Happy Summer!  It’s certainly been a very busy “off-season” (not sure that term applies anymore) this year at Topsail Realty! Our focus from last year moving into this season has been laser-focused on improving our overall procedures and communication when it comes to the care and cleanliness of your home. Over in the Property Services … Continue reading Making Your Home Shine!

Owner Statement Tips & Tricks

Hello Home Owners, and welcome to summer! We have a lot of new owners that came aboard this year, so I wanted to take the opportunity to give a brief tutorial on how to decipher the owner statements, and give a few pointers on where you can look on the Owner Portal for additional clarification. … Continue reading Owner Statement Tips & Tricks

An Effortless Vacation “Experience”

I guess Bob Dylan was right, “The Times They Are A Changin”. Topsail Island is certainly seeing rapid change! The rapid growth in real estate both residential and retail is astounding. Just a few years ago we thought that Harris Teeter was a big deal. Now we have a Walmart and a new Publix. The … Continue reading An Effortless Vacation “Experience”

Operations Corner – What’s New!

I would like to personally thank you for giving Topsail Realty the opportunity to manage your vacation rental home! As always, we continue to invest time, energy, and funds in ways to ensure that our website and other chosen advertising venues present your homes in an engaging way while providing premier exposure of your homes … Continue reading Operations Corner – What’s New!