Linens and Towels, A New Frontier!

The Property Services department is excited to announce some new changes that are occurring this summer. We have recently expanded our warehouse/housekeeping facilities to include a commercial laundry! Here, our housekeepers will be able to take care of all the sheets and towels in-house. In previous years, the linens were out-sourced to another company. The new laundry facility includes three heavy duty washing machines, six heavy duty dryers, a large folding table and a wrapping machine.

A typical journey for sheets and towels starts when the guests place their dirty linens in the black Topsail Realty linen bag that is provided with the guest directory at the property. Upon the guest’s departure, housekeeping comes in to clean and remove the dirty linen bag. The linens are returned to the new Topsail Realty laundry facility at the end of the day. Housekeeping removes the dirty linens from the black bag and places them in one of the three heavy duty washing machines. After they have finished washing, they are transported to one of the six heavy-duty dryers.

When they are dried, housekeeping removes them and places them on the folding table where they are then folded neatly. Each fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase, towel, hand towel, rag, and kitchen towel is organized into their corresponding pile in order to be wrapped. The housekeeper that is running the plastic wrap machine carefully wraps each set with precision. After the linens are all wrapped up, they are placed on a shelf to await their departure to the next property!

As you can see, our new laundry expansion allows Topsail Realty to better control what is going into each property in order to ensure the best possible guest experience. Our new Field Operations Team Lead, Tia, coordinates laundry operations. With this new addition, we have hired extra housekeepers and have a staff running the laundry nearly full-time!

Our goal is always to find better ways to serve our guest and make your home shine! No other company can say they’ve made this type of investment in their operations to consistently deliver the type of guest experience that Topsail Realty can.  It’s not always easy, but we are 100% committed to making your home successful well into the future!

Kristen McCoy, Property Services Manager