Carolina Retreats Unveils Their New Renovations For The Beach House at Oak Island

The Beach House at Oak Island recently finished renovations to the property after over nine months of work. Though much of the regular infrastructure was kept, the property has been enhanced with upscale rooms, modern conveniences added that you would find typically offered in the industry.

Key players in this renovation include many local businesses from the area. BW Builders was the general contractor, Willis Construction performed interior remodel work, while Hunter-Gatherer Properties worked on exterior work including painting and staining. Salt Home Interiors did all of the decor and furniture, while Pelican HVAC added the new HVAC units. Other businesses also included in this project included DB Plumbing, Shock and Awe Electric, Chuck Harper Plumbing, and Florida Tile.

When an opportunity to renovate this iconic property came along, new property owner and manager Carolina Retreats wanted to focus on bringing this motel to its style and glamour of the past while also helping modernize it for the present and future. Costing over six figures and taking more than nine months to complete, Mike Harrington at Carolina Retreats says the project has been “a labor of love, “We’re so pleased with the outcome and how awesome this location is, being right across from the ocean. This project has truly transformed the motel.”

There were many updates that had to be completed to give The Beach House at Oak Island the new look and feel that it has today. First, the suites were all gutted and revamped from the studs and drywall being torn out. All new electrical — including fixtures — were completed and installed. Additionally, new plumbing was installed along with state-of-the-art kitchenettes to each suite, complete with a microwave, cooktop, and stand-up fridge, as well as well-stocked kitchen amenities.

Bathrooms were also upgraded, some getting tiled shower areas and new flooring throughout with a balance of luxury vinyl plank flooring and tile. New HVAC was installed for each unit, and all new furniture and smart TVs were added to each living room area and bedroom area. These suites are now more of an upscale vibe that you will find in other newer vacation rentals.

Units 201 and 101 are particularly better to choose from, as they also both have a newly reconstructed outside deck area where guests can sit and watch the sunrise and set. Outside seating is even provided for guests staying at each unit to be able to catch a glimpse of the ocean at any time of day.

The motel side is part of phase three of the renovation project for The Beach House at Oak Island, which is planned for some time in the future. Still, the rooms on this side of the property now have upgraded bedding, new sitting chairs, new mini-fridges, microwaves, and Keurig coffee stations added to each room. These units also received fresh coats of paint and a vanity upgrade. Eventually, Carolina Retreats plans to fully remodel these units to the level that the suites were upgraded as well

In another way of looking into the future, Carolina Retreats plans to use The Beach House at Oak Island as their main office in the town to work with homeowners on the island who would like to offer vacation rentals within their brand. “We want folks thinking about Carolina Retreats and The Beach House at Oak Island synonymous as the Oak Island location for their visits here,” says Mike Harrington at Carolina Retreats. The new management company is excited to be working with this property and to grow in the area with the residents and visitors to the island.

The Beach House at Oak Island offers 22 units; ten double-occupancy motel rooms and twelve one- and two-bedroom apartments. The motel is located at 500 Ocean Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465. For inquiries, email or call 910-278-5644 ext 500.