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Rental Policies

Cancellations and Transfers

  • Tenant initiated reservation cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the Tenant to Carolina Retreats.  Please send email notices to Info@CarolinaRetreats.com
  • All cancellations will be charged the reservation fulfillment fee, cancellation fee, fees owed to third parties, and all applicable taxes.
  • Upon receipt of written confirmation of the Tenant’s cancellation, Carolina Retreats will attempt to re-rent the premises.
  • If the premises are re-rented for entire term of the agreement at no loss to the owner and Carolina Retreats and the newly booked Tenant's payment has cleared, the cancelled Tenant's payments will be refunded less the required fees and taxes.
  • If the premises are not re-rented for the entire term of the agreement, all payments by the Tenant may be forfeited.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify us by email at Info@CarolinaRetreats.com. Payments may be covered by Red Sky Travel Insurance if purchased. Reimbursement by Red Sky is subject to policy terms and conditions and does not negate Tenant's need to cancel reservation with Carolina Retreats.

Transfers for the same vacation home for the same rate period may be requested via email at Info@CarolinaRetreats.com and require prior approval by Carolina Retreats and possibly the individual owner of the property as well as payment of a transfer fee. All other transfers are considered cancellations. Reservations can not be moved from one home to another home.

Termination of Rentals

We reserve the right to refuse rental, not allow check-in, or to terminate occupancy if, in Agent’s opinion, the occupancy may be detrimental to the premises. No refunds will be given if occupancy is not allowed or terminated as a result of rental regulation violation or if the reservation was obtained under false pretenses.


  • The maximum number of occupants allowed in each vacation home is shown in the vacation home description beside Maximum Occupancy:.
  • Premises may not be used or occupied at any time by more than the maximum number of occupants indicated. Adults and children, including babies of all ages, must be counted.
  • Premises served by septic systems may not exceed occupancy of two occupants per bedroom in accordance with North Carolina Law.
  • Bed sizes are indicated to allow flexibility in sleeping arrangements and do not indicate occupancy limits.
  • Carolina Retreats is authorized to rent to family groups only.
  • Weddings and other celebratory events (see the next section for details) exceeding maximum occupancy at any time are not permitted.
  • No teen or college age groups are permitted even if chaperoned by adults.
  • Rental to individuals under the age of 24 is not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to require official identification showing picture and date of birth.
  • Overcrowding or misrepresentation is cause for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid.

Weddings and Other Celebratory Events

A vacation home and its premises may be used for a wedding or other celebratory event if the maximum number of people participating in the celebration and/or in events related to the celebration do not exceed the maximum allowed number of occupants for the property. The maximum number of occupants legally allowed to use or occupy a vacation home is shown in the vacation home description beside Maximum Occupancy. Adults and children, including babies of all ages, must be counted.

Weddings and other celebratory events taking place at, in, or on the premises of a vacation rental exceeding maximum occupancy at any time are not permitted. A vacation home and its premises, including but not limited to decks, porches, walkways, yard, driveway, parking areas, and access to the beach or sound, may not be used or occupied at any time by more than the maximum number of occupants. The house and its premises may not be used as an alternate location for a celebratory event if the weather or other circumstances do not permit the event to take place elsewhere.

Carolina Retreats reserves the right to refuse rental, not allow check-in, or to terminate occupancy if, in our opinion, the occupancy may be detrimental to the premises. No refunds will be given if occupancy is not allowed or terminated as a result of rental regulation violation or if the reservation was obtained under false pretenses.

Partial Week Getaways

Carolina Retreats is pleased to introduce our Island Getaways for stays less than a full week. These shorter Getaways provide the same quality Vacation Homes and customer care, but with a smaller length of stay to accommodate golf getaways with friends, romantic weekends, fall fishing trips, holiday family getaways, and more!

Getaways are only available on properties that permit them and do require a minimum of 3 nights’ stay. Carolina Retreats Getaways give you the flexibility to enjoy a shorter Topsail Island vacation rental, while still enjoying all the comforts of a vacation home. Partial Week Getaways may be requested within 10 days of the desired date of arrival and must be within the typical check-in/check-out day for a home.

Please call to verify availability and book a partial week as we do not allow these to be booked online. All taxes and additional services such as linens that aren't included or equipment are extra. All Carolina Retreats rules and regulations apply to Partial Week Getaways.

Added Nights to Existing Weekly Reservations

If you have a current weekly reservation and would like to add days to the beginning or end of your stay, please email us at Info@CarolinaRetreats.com to inquire for availability and pre-approval.  Typically days cannot be added more than 7 days in advance of the days you wish to add.

Rental Turn Days - Saturday or Sunday

Please review the home's Turn Day in the summary data on the home's web page.  This indicated the home's set Arrival and Departure day.  Homes in North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and through N. Anderson Blvd. in Topsail Beach are typically Saturday-Saturday rentals while homes in Topsail Beach at or south of S. Anderson Blvd. including those in Serenity Point are typically Sunday-Sunday rentals.  Vacation rentals in Carolina & Kure Beach vary as well. Rentals for weekly and partial week stays should expect to align with the home's Turn Day.  In some instances during non-Prime season (September through May), some owners may permit a weekly or partial week rental outside the typical Turn Day of the home.  If you have a particular set of dates you wish to inquire about in a specific home, please email us at Info@CarolinaRetreats.com to provide details of your inquiry and we let you know if we are able to obtain approval for such requests. 

Please note that all homes are individually owned and home descriptions provide the No Smoking, Pets, Grilling, and Partial Weeks policies that have been selected by those individual home owners.  While in some cases there may be flexibility, please understand that the policies displayed are the policies the home owners have selected.

No Smoking Policies

None of our properties permit smoking inside vacation homes. Some homes do not permit smoking anywhere in the house or outside on the property. The home’s policy for No Smoking is provided in the vacation home descriptions. Any tenant violating the no smoking policy may cause all tenants to be evicted with forfeiture of all monies paid and additional charges for cleaning. Smoking includes all kinds of inhaled lighted material, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.


Fireplaces advertised in vacation home descriptions are not available for use from May through September. Unadvertised fireplaces, even if shown in photos, are not available for tenant use at any time.


Our strong prevailing winds make grilling anywhere at our vacation homes and duplexes a dangerous proposition. Some properties do not allow grilling. Where grilling is permitted, it is strongly recommended that grilling be done as far from the building as possible. Under no circumstances is grilling permitted on wooden decks and boardwalks or underneath buildings. Eviction without refund may result if grilling regulations and restrictions are violated. Tenants will be held financially and legally accountable for problems created by violation of our grilling regulations and restrictions. Homes allowing grilling indicate in the descriptions if a grill is provided. If a grill is provided, the tenant is responsible for cleaning.

Hurricane Policy

If you are staying on Topsail Island when there is an approaching hurricane, you should call the local Town Hall or Police Department for information regarding mandatory evacuation plans:

If there is a mandatory evacuation, tenants must promptly comply with the evacuation order and take all their possessions (including all food) with them since re-entry cannot be guaranteed.

Carolina Retreats does not offer refunds in the event of a hurricane evacuation or other events covered by Red Sky Travel Insurance (see www.SunTripPreserver.com or call 866-889-7409 for details). We highly recommend purchase of travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

Travel Insurance

To make sure you have a relaxing, worry-free vacation Topsail Realty offers Red Sky Travel Insurance to cover numerous events including illness, injury, or death of tenant or a family member; hurricanes; and other defined perils. Red Sky Travel Insurance charges are shown on the Vacation Rental Agreement. We highly recommend purchase of the insurance so you may be financially reimbursed in the case of unexpected and covered events. For more information call Red Sky at (866) 889-7409 - refer to the "Sun Trip Preserver" travel insurance or visit www.SunTripPreserver.com.

If you choose not to purchase the insurance prior to making your final payment, which is due no later than 30 days prior to your arrival, no refunds will be given for events that would have been covered by the insurance, including hurricane evacuations. Insurance payments are non-refundable.


Vacation homes that provide high speed internet access for tenants will indicate such in their descriptions. Homes advertising "Wired High Speed Internet Access" require the use of an Ethernet cable connected directly to the tenant’s device (such as a laptop - device must have an Ethernet cable port). Tenants will need to plan to bring their own Ethernet cable for wired internet access. Homes advertising "Wireless High Speed Internet Access" provide wireless connectivity to the home's internet service for the tenant’s wireless device (such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone). Please make sure you know how to access and connect using your device's wireless settings. Troubleshooting assistance for tenants’ wireless devices is not provided.  WIFI password information will be provided at the property.  

Don't Forget To Bring …

  • bed linens (sheets & pillowcases) if the Bedding and Bath Linen Package is not included or purchased, bedding and pillows for sleeper sofas and futons
  • additional blankets (especially during spring and fall)
  • bath towels if the Bedding and Bath Linen Package is not included or purchased
  • kitchen towels if the Bedding and Bath Linen Package is not included or purchased
  • clothing hangers and coat hangers
  • iron & ironing board
  • paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.)
  • kitchen items (aluminum and plastic wraps, cleaning supplies, plastic garbage bags, liquid dishwasher soap, food and condiments)
  • personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc.)
  • laundry detergent
  • flashlights
  • battery operated radio
  • Ethernet cable for homes that advertise wired high speed internet for tenant use

All vacation homes are set up for simple housekeeping and cooking. Each vacation home is furnished according to the owner’s taste. Vacation homes vary in amenities, décor, furnishings, etc. Amenities shown in photos are not available for tenant use unless specifically stated in the home's description. All vacation homes provide bedspreads and pillows for the beds (excludes sleeper sofas and futons), a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, coffee maker (standard unless otherwise specified), toaster or toaster oven, microwave, and other kitchen items for simple meal preparation and serving. If you are planning special meals, you should bring the necessary preparation equipment such as a food processor, blender, special or extra-large pots and pans, chef’s knives, etc. with you.

Other Important Information

Emergency and after hours’ phone numbers: Our office is open daily 9AM - 5PM.  For emergencies call 911. For non-emergencies that can’t wait until our office opens at 9:00 AM, please call our office 910-328-5241 and press option 1 to be connected to our After Hours Call Service.

Fireworks, firearms, or bonfires are not permitted in accordance with local and state laws.
Town zoning ordinances restrict the hook-up of any camper, bus, van, or motor home to any vacation home.

Sand dunes: Please use the designated beach access walkways and do not walk or play on the dunes. The sea oats and beach grass help prevent beach erosion. Please do not pick or destroy them. Please don’t litter the beach with trash or cigarette butts — leave only your footprints behind.

Parking space is limited at most vacation homes. Please ask your Vacation Planner about available space for cars and boat trailers. Parking off driveways may damage septic systems.

Maintenance: All equipment in the house should be in proper working order. Promptly give our office written notification of any equipment problems. Every effort will be made to correct the problem. However, no refund or rate adjustment will be made for mechanical failure.

Inspections and repairs: It may be necessary for a Carolina Retreats team members or authorized representatives including law enforcement officers to enter vacation homes for inspections or to make repairs.

Items left in vacation homes by the tenants: We are not responsible for articles left in vacation homes or theft of any kind. We utilize a local mailing store for the packing and return of left behind items. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity or discarded at the end of each month.

House for sale: A vacation home may be on the market for sale. Owners reserve the right to have their property shown to qualified buyers. Every effort will be made to schedule the showing at a convenient time and not interrupt your vacation.

Tenants’ responsibilities: Tenants are responsible for abiding by all rules, regulations, and instructions provided to Tenants, posted in vacation homes, in the N.C. Vacation Rental Act, the Vacation Rental Agreement, on our website. Any exceptions to the above mentioned rules, regulations, and instructions must be approved in writing in advance by the Owner of Topsail Realty.

Statement of responsibility: Carolina Retreats is not responsible for circumstances beyond our control, not limited to but including inclement weather, utility failure, disturbances on nearby property, construction noise or debris, or acts of nature.

Disclosure: In accordance with the National Association of Realtors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, it is hereby disclosed that Carolina Retreats Vacations LLC has a contractual relationship with the Owners represented in Topsail Realty’s advertising. This contractual relationship employs us to act as the Agent of the Owners and treat all parties (Tenants and Owners) honestly, fairly, and in good faith.

Errors and omissions: Every effort is made to ensure that all information and photographs in Carolina Retreats advertising are accurate and complete. However, Carolina Retreats cannot be held responsible for possible typographical errors; omissions; price changes; changes in taxes; changes to Terms and Conditions; or changes made by vacation home owners in furnishings, equipment, or bed arrangements. Vacation homes are privately owned and changes may be made to homes or their contents. Topsail Realty reserves the right to correct any errors.