Vacation Booking Trends

As was previously mentioned, overall bookings are trending slightly ahead of last year and this is great news!  We are in the process of confirming guests who booked for 2019 during 2018.  Guests will have until 1/22 to complete their agreements and make their first payments, converting their bookings to confirmed reservations.  Guests who do not confirm with signed agreements and the first payments due by 1/22 will have received several reminders before they are canceled and the dates previously reserved opened up for general booking purposes. 

In addition to all of those advance bookings, we continue to get new reservation requests every day.  Topsail Island is still in high demand for summer season particularly.   We understand that owners may get anxious when they see at the end of January they don’t have full summer seasons just yet.  We ask that you be patient and understand that one of the changing trends is guests being less able to make advance plans year to year – they may not have their children’s’ or grandchildren’s school schedules or sports camp dates until Spring, or they may have to wait until within 3 months of arrival to request time off from work.  Many factors affect how much in advance bookings may occur.  Typically, weeks begin to fill in between January to May.  We are certainly available via phone or email if you do have questions on your rate information or would like any suggestions for updates or changes to increase your home’s rent-ability.