Carolina Retreats Attends the 2022 VRM Intel Live!

A special thank you goes out to all the amazing vendors and participants in this year’s VRM Intel in Wilmington, North Carolina this year. From the talented Amy Hinote as our emcee and organizer, the sessions included great feedback and information regarding the recent rise in property value, the ever-growing demand for housing in our areas, as well as what that means from a vacation rental management perspective. 

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Property Managers Wear Many Hats

We’ve seen it time and again.

A real estate investor purchases a property, with the intention of generating income as a vacation rental. Simple right? They decide to manage the property themselves, rather than spending to engage a professional property manager.  Sometimes, that scenario proves successful…. but most times the reality is, unfortunately, very different.

It’s far too easy to underestimate the costs of managing a rental property.  Everything from the potential technology investment to really understanding the time involved.  Many times, managing a vacation rental is truly a hassle, particularly if the property is miles away from where the owner lives. In addition to the obvious things like routine maintenance, housekeeping, and pool/hot tub service, there are also many, many
not-so-obvious expenses.

For example, expenses for emergency services (what will you do if your hot water heater floods the property at 3 AM?) or choosing the right kind of sturdy furnishings, so that you’re not in a constant cycle of replacement. Or, in the realm of technology, choosing which PMS (property management system) best suits your needs.

And then there is pricing and marketing.  The average investor is almost never prepared for the learning curve of these two critical components of managing and renting a vacation property.

Oh, and don’t forget customer relationships and retention. Does the average investor have a plan for nurturing guest relationships or how to respond to a negative review without ruining that relationship?

Probably not.  That’s where we come in.

As a professional property management company, Carolina Retreats takes nearly every burden away. We have systems in place to handle every eventuality, and we can guide you through every step in creating an incredibly successful vacation rental.

It’s not just marketing and taking reservations…it’s much more.   Our commissions are more than reasonable for the benefits and services we provide, most importantly, peace of mind.

We also provide:

  • A dedicated in-house property care team, including professional housekeeping and maintenance services
  • Preferred partnerships with local vendors
  • A dedicated marketing staff who will create a custom marketing plan specifically for your property
  • In-house designers who can make suggestions and assist in furnishing and equipping your property
  • An online portal, which will allow you to keep up with every aspect of your property in real-time

At Carolina Retreats we give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it’s not all on you.

In part two we’ll look at some of the realities of Coastal Carolina and talk about how a professional property manager handles hurricane season, and how to handle damage to properties.

Part three is: Property Managers are advocates. Up close and personal with you, your property and your bottom line. There is real value in having a property manager for your vacation rental.

Carolina Retreats Selected as a preferred Vacation Rental Manager for Homes & Villas by Marriott International

Surf City, North Carolina, March 26, 2021CAROLINA RETREATS, a high-end hospitality and vacation rental management company based in North Carolina, today announced that the firm has been selected as a new vacation rental property manager for Homes & Villas by Marriott International. Select rental properties exclusively managed by Carolina Retreats will now be available on Homes & Villas by Marriott International starting in April 2021.

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Accidental Guest Damages: Take A Deep Breath!

Owning investment real estate comes with its share of highs and lows. The joy of providing an exceptional hospitality experience and a knack for hosting can be very rewarding when you have guests that are able to enjoy your property as much as you do. However, with opening your door to so many, the inevitable accident is bound to happen, which can leave some questioning, “Why do we do this again!?”

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The Big Three: Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR

The key to optimizing a vacation rental property’s performance? It’s all about understanding the Big Three: Occupancy, Average Daily Rate, and Revenue Per Available Rental Night.

Identifying trends in these three key performance indicators – and their relationship to each other – can help you maximize revenue throughout the year.

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Maximizing Your Property For Year-Round Guests (Part 1)

If you have a home at the beach, it’s usually pretty easy to attract guests to your property during the summer months, but are you maximizing your home’s potential for guests year-round?

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