5 Reasons You Should Visit The North Carolina Coast this Fall

Summer might be over, but your beach vacations don’t have to be! Fall is actually one of the best times to visit the North Carolina coast. Carolina Retreats provides plenty of relaxing stays year-round, and you’ll love having fewer crowds. To help you decide why you should start planning your trip to the coast, we’ve made a list of 5 reasons you should take a vacation to the NC Coast this fall.

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Be Confident when Staying in a Vacation Rental

Dear Travelers,

On behalf of the entire Carolina Retreats family, I want to reassure you that in times of uncertainty surrounding travel and your vacation, your safety and wellbeing remain our top priority. We understand that many of you may be experiencing stress given the rapidly changing information related to COVID-19, Coronavirus. We want you to know that we are monitoring this situation very closely, keeping those who are affected in our hearts, and are listening carefully to the questions and concerns we receive from each guest.

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Surf City, North Topsail Beach, Awarded $237 Million

Early efforts of beach restoration on North Topsail Beach. Jan 2019

Surf City, NC: In wake of the damage left behind from Hurricane Florence and Matthew a year ago, a concerted effort was made to ask for federal assistance. After a yearlong wait, the U.S. Army Corps will award $237 million to North Topsail Beach and Surf City, NC.

Many thanks to Senators Tillis and Burr for their efforts to secure the additional funding on behalf of North Carolina. Coupled with a letter with Congressman Rouzer in June urging the Army Corps of Engineers to consider the Surf City/North Topsail Beach project, these proposals were finally awarded.

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Fall Events on Topsail Island

Fall events on Topsail Island, NC

One of the greatest benefits of the North Carolina coast is the ability to enjoy spectacular late summer weather! As temperatures fall from the mid 90’s to a more manageable 70’s and 80’s, it gives the residents of Topsail Island a chance to enjoy the perfect weather. And what better way to mark an occasion than by celebrating with several festivals and events! We’ve compiled our list of top fall events taking place this fall on Topsail Island, NC.

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Carolina Retreats is Proud to Partner with TrustPilot for Guest Reviews

Carolina Retreats is over the moon to partner with one of the largest automated review companies in the nation. TrustPilot, founded in 2007, has over a quarter million businesses using customer reviews to drive growth.

With so many review platforms out there, TrustPilot is one of the few that offer integrated services such as SEO snippets to increase ranking in Search Engines, as well as the ability to create star ratings within Google Ads.

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Topsail Island | Beach Access Information

After an extensive winter season, we are ecstatic to announce the list of public beach accesses available around Topsail Island. We are thankful to all of the amazing city and state-wide officials and workers who labor away making out beaches as perfect as they once were. Below is a list of scheduled beach repairs and updates. We have also included two interactive maps which provide up-to-date information on all of the area’s public beach access points.

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New Surf City Bridge Traffic & Roundabout Information

The New Surf City Bridge is now open

After 60 remarkable years, the Surf City Swing Bridge has been retired. Long overdue for replacement, builders began in September of 2016 and finished 10 months ahead of schedule.  On December 18th, 2018, the new Surf City bridge opened to the public with overall positive reviews. 

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Vacation Booking Trends

As was previously mentioned, overall bookings are trending slightly ahead of last year and this is great news!  We are in the process of confirming guests who booked for 2019 during 2018.  Guests will have until 1/22 to complete their agreements and make their first payments, converting their bookings to confirmed reservations.  Guests who do not confirm with signed agreements and the first payments due by 1/22 will have received several reminders before they are canceled and the dates previously reserved opened up for general booking purposes. 

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Recovery Efforts on Topsail Island

The negative impacts and reconstruction from our unwelcome visitor Hurricane Florence in September 2018 has most certainly been far-reaching and we continue to have impacts even as we enter into 2019.  Regardless of what Mother Nature sends our way, we as a community continue to be #TopsailStrong and we are vigilantly working with local vendors and individuals to persevere! 

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5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do on Your Topsail Island Vacation

Do you have a family vacation planned this summer in one of our Topsail Island vacation rentals? If so then we can point you in the right direction on what there is to do in the area that is family-friendly. We understand that sometimes finding things for kids of all ages can be a little challenging but we have a few family favorites for you below. Let’s look at what there is for you and the family to enjoy together while on your vacation.

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