How Vacation Rental Operations Have Changed

The vacation rental market has made a few twists and turns along its journey over the last two decades. The industry has grown exponentially, with independent hosts, small property management companies, large property management agencies, vendors, and service providers all carving out a defined role within the ecosystem. This blog post will compare how physical space, guest expectations, marketing, amenities, and property care programs have evolved over the past twenty years. What was once a second-home-side-gig has evolved into a booming segment that dominates the travel space.

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Vacation Booking Trends

As was previously mentioned, overall bookings are trending slightly ahead of last year and this is great news!  We are in the process of confirming guests who booked for 2019 during 2018.  Guests will have until 1/22 to complete their agreements and make their first payments, converting their bookings to confirmed reservations.  Guests who do not confirm with signed agreements and the first payments due by 1/22 will have received several reminders before they are canceled and the dates previously reserved opened up for general booking purposes. 

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