Q&A with Property Maintenance and Repair, Ricky Kernodle

Within five minutes of conversing with Ricky, you’ll already feel at ease. A good hearted and all around friendly guy, we sat down with our resident repairman and maintenance guy for Pleasure Island, Ricky Kernodle, to chat a bit about where he’s from and what makes him so upbeat.

Are you originally from this area?

I am originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina but have lived here for just about 25 years.

Wow, what drew you to the area?

I moved just to move to the beach and I couldn’t be happier.

How long have you worked in Maintenance?

I’ve worked off in maintenance and repairs for 15 years, off and on.

What are some of your favorite aspects of the job?

I really enjoy dealing with different aspects of customer relations. Whether it be an owner or a renter, I really enjoy solving their problems. I’m usually first on the scene to address customer and owner concerns. Every situation is unique and there’s always a funny story to be shared.

You seem quite chipper where I could see where some people in your position wouldn’t be as positive. Is that a safe assumption?

I have heard that before. I guess being a cancer survivor really put a new look on life for me. I have a new aspect and each day is a blessing. I think I take that and project it outwards towards those around me.

Well, it certainly shows now.

*smiles* Thank you.

What changes have you seen over the years?

2018 was a big one. Once Carolina Retreats implemented new technologies making it more user friendly from our side, we got to learn a new and upgraded approach to things like door locks and check-ins. I like being that guy to go and show those new things off to owners.

That’s pretty awesome. Do you have any personal goals for 2019?

I have a couple actually. I love building lasting relationships with owners. Some of these owners have become really good friends of mine so I’d like to meet new owners on our program and introduce myself. I’d also like to continue my positive outlook on the year overall.

Well, I don’t think you’re going to have a problem with either, Ricky.

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