Making Your Home Shine!

Happy Summer!  It’s certainly been a very busy “off-season” (not sure that term applies anymore) this year at Topsail Realty! Our focus from last year moving into this season has been laser-focused on improving our overall procedures and communication when it comes to the care and cleanliness of your home.

Over in the Property Services department, we are excited to announce a lot of changes and new tools that we are implementing to help with our in the field of communication and processes.  There’s nothing more important to us than making sure our guests walk into a clean and inviting home upon check-in. To help give us real-time oversight and the ability to instantly verify quality we have started using a new mobile app called Breezeway. Every cleaner installs the Breezeway app onto their phone and it shows them all information needed on the house they are cleaning. Breezeway has a custom checklist feature so each home can have a custom tailored inspection and cleaning process list that must be followed and checked off on before a cleaner can complete the job.

Another very handy feature is the ability for our cleaners and inspection Team Leaders to report any damages, with pictures, in the home and have it sent over to the maintenance team to be addressed. This means better documentation following guests stay and our goal of quicker response times to issues.

Additionally, to help keep all rolling we have Tia Feller who is our Field Operations Team Leader who works directly at our warehouse and with the cleaners. Rest assured, we are working daily to continue to make sure your home has that WOW factor it deserves each and every time!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Kristen McCoy, Property Services Manager