Q&A with Vice President, Stuart Pack

One of the biggest decisions in Carolina Retreats history was the addition of Vice President, Stuart Pack, to the team. I had a chance to sit down with Stuart to talk to him about a few subjects regarding where he is from and how he sees the shape of the vacation rental industry in the near future.

Are you originally from here? 

I grew up in Fredericksburg, VA and have lived in various locations during my 35 years of married life.  Most recently, I spent 16 years on the Outer Banks of NC.

The Outer Banks is very lovely. What brought you down this way?

Having worked with Mike in the past, I appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer service.  Carolina Retreats Vacation Rentals is a growing company with focus on great guest vacations along with timely owner communication and services.  The opportunity, the growing market and the timing was perfect for my transition to CRV.  I am very excited to join CRV and look forward to Top Performance to each of our homeowners.

Wow, sounds like you’ve spent a good amount of time in the Vacation Rental Industry?

I began my career as a Staff Accountant in Richmond, VA and have worked in the vacation rental industry for the past 17 years in executive management roles.

What are some of your favorite aspects of your job since you arrived?

I have been very pleased with professionalism of team members in Topsail’s Office and Carolina Beach’s Offices.  More specific, the team members understand the HOSPITALITY role in our duties.  

I agree. We have some amazing coworkers here. What are some of the biggest challenges you see facing our industry now?

Of course, storms, the economy, the real estate market, software and support services always create challenges.  I use the word, challenge, as we have multiple years of combined experience along with talented team members that help us overcome such challenges.  Often, focus and man-hours are the ticket to problem resolution.

Do you have any professional goals going into 2020?

I believe if we take care of the day to day services supported by powerful marketing in conjunction with technology, vacation planners who manage the lead generation and dynamic pricing, we can accomplish revenue and booking goals for our homeowners.  I have stated during my vacation rental career that customer service is the only way.  I want guests checked-in, tucked in and enjoying our beach destination with excitement about returning another year.

Mr. Pack joined Carolina Retreats in October and we cannot be more pleased. We are excited for his input and cannot wait for the summer 2020 vacation season!