A Traveler’s Guide to the Carolina Beach Pier

Carolina Beach is the perfect getaway for those looking for sand and fun in a laid-back, relaxed setting. Just a few miles east of Wilmington, there’s always something for vacationers to do and see on this historic pier and waterfront. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

The area offers everything you could dream of for a beach vacation. Dining, watching the sunset from the pier, riding the miles of bike trails, and strolling the Carolina Beach boardwalk is just a taste of the many activities to be experienced in this beautiful North Carolina paradise.

Here’s what you need to know for a perfect day on the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier. Restaurants, a tiki bar, a souvenir shop, and some of the area’s best sunset viewing await!

Delicious treats and food are at your fingertips on the pier. Stop in the Low Tide Tiki Bar for drinks and snacks, or swing into the bait and tackle for information about angling.

The Carolina Beach Pier is one of the most popular attractions in the small town of Carolina Beach and is located on the northern end of town at 1800 Carolina Beach Ave. N. Known locally as the North End Pier, it’s a must-see.

History and Family Run Deep

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The Carolina Beach Fishing Pier offers something for everyone. The historic pier was originally built in 1946. Hurricane Hazel devastated the coast in 1954 and caused massive damage to the pier. It was rebuilt and back in service shortly after.

Hurricanes have come and gone over the years, but the owners were always quick to repair the damage. The pier is built to last and will (hopefully) be offering anglers and tourists access to the longest fishing pier in the area for decades to come.

At 700 feet in length, this wooden pier extends into the Atlantic and provides fantastic views, eats, and fishing opportunities. Anglers and sightseers alike flock here throughout the year for the best fishing and best views of the beach and the setting sun. The sunsets here are nothing short of breathtaking.

The Phelps family owned and operated the pier until April, 2022 when the family sold it.

Cast a Line at the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier

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After you settle into your beach rental and experience the beauty that is Carolina Beach, it’s time to find Carolina Beach Fishing Pier.

If you’re an angler, this is the place to be. The family-friendly pier offers some epic fishing opportunities for several species of fish. Try your hand at catching king mackerel, red drum, and black drum in the spring and fall. Bluefish, flounder, redfish, and sheepsheads swim these waters throughout the summer and are eager for a free meal.

The pier offers a bait and souvenir shop where you can rent gear, buy snacks and drinks, and pick up some bait. The folks behind the counter know their way around the pier and can answer any questions you have about what fish are in season and how to catch them.

The pilings of the wooden pier give anglers a clear target to catch bluefish and flounder that are hiding from more aggressive predators. The king mackerel can be found around this area as well, so don’t pass up the opportunity to catch a local favorite.

Several fishing tournaments take place on the pier throughout the year. If you’re eyeing a contest and none are held during your stay, check out the neighboring town of Kure Beach and the Kure Beach Fishing Pier. Unlike the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier, Kure Beach Pier doesn’t allow alcohol.

Keep in mind there is a fee to fish the pier, just swing into the bait and tackle shop on your way.

Be sure to pick up a beer or mixed drink from the High Tide Lounge and have a drink after a long day’s fishing.

You should bring along towels, a change of clothes, and chairs to sit and watch the waves roll in.

The Top Attractions on the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier

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There’s always something happening at the pier. Bring your family and plan on a fun, relaxing day of shopping, swimming, fishing, or just sitting back on one of the many benches along the pier and doing some people-watching.

The oceanfront restaurants offer delicious seafood cooked to perfection at reasonable prices. Stop at the High Tide Lounge for drinks and dinner.

  • The Low Tide Tiki Bar is perfect for takeout. Pick up some drinks and head down the pier to take in the ocean views, Cape Fear River, and Freeman Park. With the best views of the coastline, you’re sure to love this place.
  • Fishing on the pier is a regional favorite amongst anglers. The length of the pier gives anglers easy access to deeper-dwelling fish like the red drum and king mackerel. There are lots of sharks to be caught as well.
  • There are plenty of restaurants around the pier, and the famous Carolina Beach Boardwalk is just a short walk. Food, arcades, and an amusement park are waiting for the adventurous. The area is excellent for families and provides an excellent night-life spot.

Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Planning your Carolina Beach Pier getaway starts with finding the perfect vacation rental. Whether staying on Carolina Beach or Kure Beach, you’ll find the ideal oceanfront rental property to relax and rejuvenate.

Check out Seas the Day on Carolina Beach, which brings the fun with an onsite pool and the convenience of home in your own condo.

The always popular Carolina Breakers is another property to see, with enough room for 11. If you want to get a room with a view, check out Pelican Watch 206, Ocean Haven. This beautiful condo sleeps eight and has excellent views along with a pool.

If you’re planning a stay for a week or more, there are plenty of places to stay and great options for you and your family.

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