Carolina Retreats – COVID19 – Travel Updates

Updated 3.24.2020


Recent Announcements:

Topsail Island:

  • Surf City: The town of Surf City has announced a 30-day temporary discontinuation of all short-term rentals. For complete information, please visit their website, HERE
  • Topsail Beach: The town of Topsail Beach has prohibited short term rentals until April 22nd. For complete information, please visit their website, HERE
  • North Topsail Beach: The town of North Topsail Beach has announced a restriction to all short-term rentals until April 25th. For complete information, please visit their website, HERE

Pleasure Island :

  • Carolina Beach: The town of Carolina Beach has announced a restriction to all short-term rentals until April 22nd. For complete information, please visit their website, HERE
  • Kure Beach: The town of Kure Beach has announced the closure of public beaches, public parking and public parks. For complete information, please visit their website, HERE

We will continue to monitor each town and provide updates upon any changes.


New Reservations: At this time, no new reservations are being accepted with arrivals between March 23rd through April 23rd. We are still accepting reservations for future bookings, outside of this timeframe. If any future booking is impacted by temporary travel restrictions, the rescheduling and cancellation policies below will apply.

Current Reservations between March 23rd and April 23rd: As these are temporary restrictions, you may reschedule your stay to a comparable date within the next 12 months, and your deposit will be credited to the new reservation, without penalty. This applies to the same property in a comparable time period. If the seasonal rental rate is higher than your original rental rate, your balance payment will reflect the difference. Balance payments will not be due until 30 days prior to your arrival. 

If you wish to cancel your stay, please email our office so we may go over your best options. Please note, as this is a very fluid situation and restrictions are temporary, we will be working week to week with guests that are immediately impacted based on their scheduled arrival date.

Reservations beginning after April 23rd: We ask that you wait until making any decisions on your upcoming plans so we may deal with guests that have the most immediate needs. As more information becomes available, we will update our communications accordingly. Our hope is that we will be able to host you soon. 

Guests may also email their questions or cancellation requests:


Providing a safe and clean home for our guests is always a top priority for Carolina Retreats. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, and want you to feel at ease while on vacation, knowing you’ll experience a sanitized, clean, and disinfected home to enjoy. Additional measures have been enacted to add items to our cleaning check-lists. This may add some additional time for our housekeeping team to complete on turnover day; but will be worth it. Our professional housekeeping members clean and sanitize all hard surfaces of our vacation homes, including but not limited to floors, countertops, railings, sink faucets, appliances, doorknobs, and light switches.


All of our linens and towels are washed, dried, and handled in-house, offsite at our own 3000 sq. ft. cleaning facility. Every unwashed linen are treated as if they are contaminated.

Our housekeeping staff is trained to use the strongest hygiene practices at all times. By strictly utilizing these best practices, our employees, clients, and guests should be safe from the spread of coronavirus.


We are acutely monitoring this ever-evolving situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We understand the uncertainty of it all. However, our area continues to be a low-risk area. Our Vacation Specialists are here to help you and answer any questions you may have regarding your reservation.  Please feel free to call 844-567-9779 or email at for assistance.


Please review the terms of your policy carefully if you purchased travel insurance. If you need to make a claim or have questions about how your existing policy will cover you, please reach out to Red Sky Insurance at 866-889-7409 or visit their website online. Make sure you know your policy number before the call.


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