Blog Series: Topsail Island Update

Since September of this year, Topsail Island has endured a heck of a lot of inclement weather. In the weeks and months since, the progress to restore the beach and community has been transformational to say the least. This humble island was humbled once again by nature’s brute force however; our perseverance and strength has showed equal resilience. As we prepare for the upcoming 2019 beach season, we wanted to share with you some progress reports from across the island.

One of the largest achievements since our last update is the re-opening of the beaches. While many of the public access points are open, many have suffered some damage. Virtually all of the 24 Topsail Beach access crossovers, and 29 out of the 30 Surf City access crossovers, are in need of some form of cleanup. On the positive note, the beach debris has almost all been removed.

The dunes found throughout the island proved essential. While many took a torrent of wind and water, the protection they provided during the recent storms certainly preserved many of the homes. However, the beach lost an estimated 1.5 million cubic yards of sand due to Hurricane Florence alone. Efforts are currently underway to restore the dunes an berms.

Most businesses are back to normal service hours and normalcy is returning slowly each day. With the island and beaches re-opened, we encourage you take a vacation back to Topsail Island for a peaceful escape.

The before and after cover photo is one of the biggest aesthetic improvements we’ve personally seen since the storms. Massive amounts of man-hours and extensive labor went into this huge endeavor. If you look closely, the debris was twice the height of the car pictured and in less than 6 weeks’ time, it has been completely removed.

To all who had (or have) a hand in helping to restore our perfect piece of paradise, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We hope to bring you our next update from one of our fantastic vacation homes to show you a different perspective of the island experience. Thanks to all who have read our progress updates since the beginning!