Where to Get Bike Rentals on Topsail Island

If you’re looking to explore Topsail Island on two wheels, you’ll want to check out one of the island’s bike rental shops. Here you can find everything from beach cruisers to electric bikes, and can rent them by the hour, day, or week.

This is the perfect way to see more of the island during your stay at one of our vacation rental homes, without needing to drive or spend too much time walking. Get easily from North Topsail Beach, through Surf City, down to the south of the island to Topsail Beach in no time with a bike rental.

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So whether you’re interested in a leisurely ride along the coast or an adventurous trek through the nature trails, there’s a rental option for you!

Considering how many bike rental facilities there are on Topsail Island, you can imagine it’s a popular pastime among locals and tourists alike. What better way to get out and explore the island than on two wheels?

Here are our favorite spots to book your bike rentals on Topsail Island.

Topsail Surf & Cycle

  • Address: 714 S Anderson Blvd, Topsail Beach
  • Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Daily
  • Website: Topsail Surf & Cycle

Whether you want to rent an electric bike or a standard bicycle, Topsail Surf & Cycle is the premier provider for the area. The e-bikes have two options – throttle assisted pedaling or pedal assist option.

There are a wide variety of bikes from which to choose – single speed adult bikes, tandem bikes, kids’ bikes, kids’ trailers, trikes, and pet trailers.

In addition to bike rentals, they also offer a great selection of stand up paddleboards, single or double kayak rentals, fishing kayaks, surf boards, body boards, and skimboards for all of you water sport enthusiasts!

They offer rental delivery as well in case you want to eliminate the hassle of picking up the rentals!

Herring’s Outdoor Sports

  • Address: 701 N New River Dr, Surf City
  • Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday through Thursday; 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday and Sunday
  • Website: Herring’s Outdoor Sports

Another of the best bike rental providers in Topsail Island is Herring’s Outdoor Sports. Situated just south of Surf City in North Carolina, the establishment was originally a tiny bait and tackle shop. Today, you can find just about everything at this little family-owned-and-operated shop.

In terms of bicycle selection, Herring’s offers cruiser bikes, three-speed bikes, and toddler trailers. Similar to other rental facilities, you can also get a good selection of beach gear here as well. Whether you need a surfboard, boogie board, skim board, beach chairs, or beach umbrellas, you’ll find it here.

Adventure Powersports Rentals

For electric bike rentals, Adventure Powersports is a great option! With a wide variety of e-bikes available, in addition to being owned and run by locals who can scout out some of the best bike trails for you to try, it’s perfect for people looking for a bit more adventure.

Safety and maintenance are top priority for the team over at Adventure Powersports Rentals, with a team of skilled bike techs ready to fix any bike repair issues and teach you about the safety equipment available.

50 South Surf Shop

  • Address: 306 S Topsail Dr, Surf City
  • Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Daily
  • Website: 50 South Surf Shop

50 South Surf Shop offers a variety of standard bicycles, including adult unisex bikes, youth cruiser bikes, and children’s bikes as well. They do offer e-bikes, but only one model is available.

All of their bike rentals are available for the day or by the week.

Topsail Beach Service

If you’re simply looking for standard bicycles for the whole family, Topsail Beach Service is a great choice. Though they don’t have any e-bikes available, they have three different size options for kids and one standard adult option.

Locks and helmets are provided upon request.

North Topsail Surf & Paddle

North Topsail Surf & Paddle has the widest range of rental lengths for bike rentals on Topsail Island. You can rent for 3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or one week!

Available options include standard adult bikes, bike trailers (for up to two kids), and plenty of beach equipment. You can even get games here, such as spikeball! Watersport enthusiasts will love the selection of single and tandem kayaks, paddleboards, and boards of all kinds.

On Shore Surf Shop

  • Address: 405 Roland Ave, Surf City
  • Hours: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Daily
  • Website: On Shore Surf Shop

For a standard, no-frills bike, On Shore Surf Shop offers affordable, run-of-the-mill bike rentals perfect for your Topsail Island vacation. This full service surf shop offers bike rentals, watersport equipment such as SUP and kayaks, and more.

You can even take lessons here (reservations required) or bring your board in for repairs.

Best Places to Go Biking on Topsail Island

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The NC Wildlife Resource Commission’s Topsail Island Bike Trail is one of the most popular biking spots on the island. As you follow the trail through undeveloped maritime forest and salt marsh, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and pristine wetlands. Plus, there are plenty of observation decks along the way, where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery.

If you’re looking for a more challenging ride, then check out the Surf City Loop. This trail takes you through some of Topsail’s most scenic neighborhoods, along tree-lined streets and past waterfront docks. There are several dirt side paths that offer a bit of extra excitement if you’re in the mood for some off-road biking.

For a truly unique biking experience, head to the Crystal Pier in Surf City. This historic pier has been around since 1928, and it’s home to one of the longest piers on the East Coast. The shoreline trail that runs along the pier is open to cyclists and pedestrians alike, so feel free to stop and admire the gorgeous ocean views whenever you need a break.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride along the beach or an adrenaline-pumping adventure through Topsail’s rugged backcountry, there are plenty of great places to go biking on this beautiful coastal island.

Best Time to Visit Topsail Island for Biking

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Topsail Island is a popular destination for beachcombers, surfers, and bikers alike. If you’re planning a trip to Topsail and want to experience the island by bike, the best time of year to visit is summer or early fall.

During the summer months temperatures are generally in the upper 80s, making it a perfect time to be out and about on your bike. The scenic roads are much less crowded than during the rest of the year, making them more pleasant to ride. And while there’s plenty of sun throughout the summer, you don’t have to worry too much about humidity or rain ruining your plans.

If you want to visit Topsail in the early fall, you can still enjoy pleasant weather. Temperatures drop into the 70s during September and October, which means it’s an ideal time for a bike ride through the island!

Summing Up

With miles of coastline, Topsail Island is a paradise for biking enthusiasts. The next time you’re planning a trip to the NC Coast, be sure to check out one of these bike rental companies so you can explore all that Topsail has to offer on two wheels!