Amenities That Provide Maximum Return for Your Vacation Rental

When it comes to what prospective vacationing families are looking for in a vacation rental, at the top of the list is a sweet amenities package that doesn’t cost extra. They want the “most bang for the buck” as they say. You may have already added some amenities that weren’t previously provided in your rental, but is it enough? For amenities that drive maximum profit for your vacation rental, read the following background stats on what really matters most.

Amenities That Provide Maximum Return for Your Vacation Rental

A recent survey provided us with data from 10 cities in the U.S. to get a better understanding of what amenities are important. In general, a hot tub and welcoming outdoor space, conducive of al fresco dining, add the most value per night (per room).

Amenity$ Value Add
Hot Tub$31.00
Outdoor Space$29.00
Climate Control$24.00
Amenities That Provide Maximum Return for Your Vacation Rental

Why These Amenities?

“Kitchen” refers to having their own private kitchen, which is a huge selling point. Travelers often choose to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel just so they have a kitchen. It’s a mandatory feature and saves vacationers a bundle.

In addition to a kitchen, guests seek more square footage for the money and amenities that help them relax. They see outdoor space, pools, and hot tubs as providing just that.

Amenities that matter most are going to be those that keep comfort in mind. Whether it be the latest and most comfortable beds around or simply having the ability to control the climate within their vacation rental, things matter when it comes to comfort.

Proximity To Beach

Which Amenity is the Best?

Ultimately, property owners need to determine what will drive the connection between guests to your location and to your home. This varies depending on where you live in the country because ski bums are looking for something completely different than beach goers. It’s up to you to figure out which amenities provide the comfort and enhance the overall experience your guests are seeking. Is it free towels and beach supplies? Baby gear and puppy sitting? Or discounts on area events, entertainment and golf?

Where to Find Answers

You can answer this by researching what your competitors offer in your local market then determine how close you come to matching that. Is there something different you can offer to set you apart from the others? Instead of choosing an amenity because it seems like a cool idea, think of such additions as an investment that should support your overall business strategy to get the highest return.