8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Summer Guests

With the summer months about to arrive, things are going to get extra busy for homeowners who rent their properties out around Topsail. Those with multi-bedroom homes will likely be renting to larger groups which can mean bigger bucks but also more work.

The following eight tips will help you prepare your home for the influx of summer vacationers to ensure they have the best rental experience ever.

1. Plenty of Bedding
Have all bedrooms well stocked with quality, ample bedding. Include at least two sets of pillows per bed, mattress pads and high-quality sheets. Keep extra blankets in the closet so that your renters won’t have to forage for bedding.

8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Summer Guests

2. Deep Clean
Whenever you have new renters coming in, always hire a cleaning crew to give the house a deep clean, which includes making the bathrooms spotless, washing all the linens, wiping down the fridge, and so forth. It’s important to clean your home every time renters leave, in order to make it super clean and ready for the next guests to arrive.

3. People Love Extras
Who doesn’t forget at least a few things when traveling? Please your guests by supplying a few of those most often forgotten items — be it a toothbrush, shaving cream, or shampoo. Outfit all of the bathrooms with toiletries to make your guest’s stay more comfortable. Go the extra distance to take care of your guests beforehand, and they will be more likely to leave you a stellar review afterwards as well as return in the future.

8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Summer Guests

4. Pool and Hot Tubs
If your vacation rental has a pool or hot tub, make sure that it is fully operational for your guests. These are some of the most popular features that attract renters to a home, and nothing will dampen their spirits more than a broken tub or a pool without heat.

5. Entertainment
Despite the fact that your vacation rental guests will most likely be spending much of their time at the beach, there will be periods of downtime where they are relaxing in the house and may seek ways to entertain themselves. Leave some board games or a deck of cards in the living room that they can help themselves to.

8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Summer Guests

6. Internet and Cable
If you don’t offer Internet and cable it will severely impact your ability to keep your property rented. Make sure the internet access and cable are both up and running so that your guests won’t run into any issues while staying at your house.

7. Adequate Lighting
Do a once around your rental to be sure all the lights inside and outside the home are working. Replace broken bulbs and aim for softer lighting. For yards, add inviting outdoor lighting so that guests feel safe and comfortable spending time outside.

8 Tips to Help Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Summer Guests

8. Safety Matters
It’s wise to have a first-aid kit available on site. Also leave a list of emergency numbers on the kitchen counter, a printed sheet of what to do in case of a hurricane, and a working fire extinguisher on hand. Adding a functional flashlight in a kitchen drawer isn’t a bad idea either.

Follow these 8 tips and you’ll have happy guests who will return year after year while giving you rave reviews!

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