4 Ways To Maximize your Beach Time on Topsail Island

Topsail Island Vacation Planning

You’ve booked that perfect Topsail Island Vacation Rental with Topsail Realty after weeks of planning.  Now what?

For first time and even returning guests, we get questions all the time about things to do, where to get groceries, and which are the best restaurants on Topsail Island.  While our local team is very knowledgeable about all things Topsail, we felt there was a need to have a more hands-on approach to a more holistic vacation planning experience.

For this reason, for 2017 we have partnered with Metros Other Women, a great local concierge and event planning company.  Topsail Realty Vacations provides all of our guests with direct access to Metros’s concierge team at no additional cost.  If you can dream it, they can find a solution.  The most common services provided for our vacation rental guests are:

  1. GROCERY ORDERING & DELIVERY – Who loves going to the grocery store and stocking up for the entire week on your first day of vacation?  That’s right, no one!  That’s where we come in- Metro’s Other Women will go to the store for you and fill the pantry while you enjoy the view. How’s that for kickstarting your vacation?
  2. EQUIPMENT & BEACH RENTALS – Part of a good vacation is trying new things and there is nothing better while on Topsail Island than learning how to stand-up paddle board or surf! Or maybe your idea is beach chairs and a tent for the week, and as little activity as possible. Nor problem, we got you covered! We know all the local suppliers and can find exactly what you are looking for. Leave it to us!
  3. AREA RECOMMENDATIONS & RESERVATIONS – From a nice dinner out, to golf tee-times, to boat rental and fishing excursions, we are your one-stop shop for it all. Think of us as your personal assistant while on vacation. We might even recommend a local secret spot or two!
  4. DAY TRIP EXCURSIONS AND PLANNING – While Topsail Island is a perfect destination by itself, there still is plenty to do within a very short drive in Southeastern North Carolina. Would you like private transportation for a shopping trip to Wilmington? Or tickets to go see the Battleship downtown? Contact us and we’ll help!

We know how precious your vacation time is.  Most of us only get 1 cherished week a year to spend with our family and unwind.  Let Topsail Realty and Metro’s Other Women plan your entire trip experience and maximize those seconds on the beach and with family!